Until we appreciate and desire to understand our own internal compass and its proper ways of interpretation, we will never truly grasp the universal laws of attraction. Do you really have the power to control your destiny via thoughts? If so, why are so few taking advantage of this? It’s obvious, more information is required! It is not a secret, it’s just that it must be sought out,  You must seek it out!

Our own internal compass is “innate knowing” which is given to each individual in it’s own way. The Native Americans coined it the ”medicine wheel”. It is “the Precious”; a vital piece of the puzzle of enlightenment. Until we seek to understand this very replica of the Universe, its existing energies and our connection to it, we cannot and will not truly move any further into complete truth. For centuries now, the Shamanistic ways were deemed too mysterious, with no way of understanding how such information could possibly pertain to the Westerner’s everyday life style.  So, for the most part, Americans have completely ignored such information.

But now, “things are a changing” and now the masses want to know more of the spiritual. Finally, a book to bridge the gap between the two worlds; the seen and the unseen. In other words, hard core Americanized reality linked to the forever moving unseen Spirit. Taking baby steps into the deep, the author uses poetry and the Shamanistic ways of thinking as the vehicle for slight mind shifts of rational thinking which is necessary, if we’re ever going to tap into our own internal power.  So, what is real? Understanding the medicine wheel and its sacred directions is the first step for true answers. After each poem the author shares deep insight and the interpretations of each direction.  So, come learn of your power within and get started on your path to actually seeking it out.

(220 pages/paperback)