As the time now comes
To choose a career,
Make sure you ask this question;
Why am I here?

Demand a clear answer
From the “Powers” that be.
Press hard, do the work
The answers aren’t free.

Look inside, trust your feelings,
Consider the things you love;
For many coincidences
Come from above.

When choosing a career
Let it be your life choice;
Giving conviction and inspiration
Their own little voice.

In return will be a salary.
Your wages for your time;
Given for the use of
Your hands and your mind.

Working, yet it’s not a chore,
Just doing what you love.
Finding peace, bliss and harmony
With the “Power” from above.

By:  Elaine “Manny” Allmond

Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has their own way of being or existing in this world. Seek out the things that you love and do what you were created to do!