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Lord & Lillie Publishing is pleased to present the following books:

The Graduate; Meets Life!   – Available NOW

Everyone should do what they love!  What better time to enforce this, than right as our young, budding  adults graduate from High School.  This book has 18 original poems with illustrations; brilliantly done, engaging, light-hearted & relevant.  Each with good advice for many life lessons.  The perfect gift for the  Graduate!               Price : $10.99


Seeking Softness – Available NOW

This Book will guide anyone to look inside and seek their own true internal power.  Softness is that  place inside of you – your  personal power.  Using  Native American, ancient Shamanistic teaching,  the  mystical, yet sacred “medicine wheel” is reintroduced.  Blending ancient wisdom with today’s  Western ways of thinking! Bringing personal power back.                   Price: $12.99  

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