The Graduate; Meets Life Book Excerpt


As the time has now come
To choose a career.
Make sure you ask this question;
Why am I here?

Demand a clear answer
From the “Power” that be.
Press hard, do the work
The answers aren’t free.

Look inside, trust your feelings,
Consider the things you love!
For many coincidences
Come from the above.

When choosing a career
Let it be your life choice;
Giving conviction and inspiration
Their own little voice.

In return will be a salary.
Your wages for your time;
Given for the use of
Your hands and your mind.

Working, yet it’s not a chore,
Just doing what you love.
Finding peace, bliss and harmony
With the “Power” from above.

By:  Elaine “Manny” Allmond

Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has their own way of being or existing in this world. Seek out the things that you love and do what you were created to do!