1.  CAN WE LIVE FOREVER?                          (Available next SPRING)

Let us start to ask this question (can we live forever?)

As we continue to dive even deeper into our own super powers (via the spirit) more is revealed.  The more we learn, the more we are (now) realizing that aging is a choice (somewhat); it is all part of one’s day-to-day  thinking.  As we continue to peel back the layers, we are surely finding that living longer is, indeed, possible.  Moving forward – the ask now becomes:  is living forever just too “far-fetched” for us?  Not at all !   The veil is lifting!  We are starting to “see” and peer over to the other side, as we breakdown the walls of constraints within this 4th dimension (here on earth).  Must we be limited by time and space?  Or, can we control all things; especially, how we are to move forward within the parallels of this universe?  Come join me, as we figure it all out, moving further out into our limitless super consciousness; to infinity and beyond!

2 . Becoming SPIRIT!  (Available Late Next Year)

As we all evolve, looking back over the centuries behind us, flesh man has always been in charge; making sure that the flesh (itself) has all its temporal comforts and pleasures.  But what if Spirit was actually in charge?  SPIRIT-MAN rise up and take your place.  I feel that the last generation is actually living on earth now!  And, they shall  NO longer continue with doing things as we’ve always done.  It’s a new day; The old way is over.  Instead, the last generation will prove to be just as powerful as the CHRIST dubbed His chosen ones to be.  We limit ourselves with our own limited thinking, when we really have the power to heal all sickness, move mountains, walk on water and do whatever thing is necessary at any time.  Come join me, as we start to truly BELIEVE, and truly walk within this belief.  We can and will change our limited thoughts and turn them into our own personal knowing of our internal  super power,  waiting to be use! “As a man thinks; so is he”  – The Christ.


3 .  AARON WANTS ….                                                          the 1st children’s book series.

To inspire children to seek balance at an early age, because “balance”  truly is one of the major keys in life; “everything in moderation“.  This book is fun, colorful, intriguing and engaging!  Come join Aaron in his day-to-day life adventures, attempting too much, while neglecting those other important things in his young little life. The 1st of many of this new BOOK series, is NOW in it’s last edits.  Look for it, soon! Available Next Spring/2022!

4.  POSTERS THAT INSPIRE (For College Students/ for the millennial’s way of thinking!) 

The “millennials” get it – they’re not trying to get a job in a nice/neat cubical to become office slaves.  They have no plans to pay bills their whole life and then die.  As a matter of fact; this is my daughter’s biggest fear!  They want to travel, see the world and do the very thing they were born to be.  And, so, I just want to help them along with their visions by inspiring and supporting their way of thinking!  Providing inspirational posters that reflect the power of following your dreams, doing it boldly, straight out the gate; unapologetically!  Get on your marks; get set, GO!  Go get yours!  Do YOU!



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