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For the Woman of this New Era

In the meantime, we should all line up our thoughts!

Are you emotionally and spiritually ready for the future? A time of new awareness was prophesied centuries ago by the wise ones and that time is now upon us. That notorious Mayan Calendar prophesy was simply just a benchmark for the beginning of this new era which is now dawning… is now time for mankind to elevate to a higher consciousness ….this comes along with tapping into all that we really are. As we (mankind) move into this destined future, we will surely embark upon a path that will lead us to discover our true power within.  Haven’t you noticed how all the so-called inspirational speakers and motivators are now all teaching the laws of attraction, constantly stressing the power of our thoughts and the strong influences they have on our own life  ….this is no coincidence!

Haven’t you also noticed that the spiritual call in just about everywhere, now…even in the everyday advertising such as TV commercials….they’re now speaking to the hearts of man to sell items instead of just speaking about the item itself.

This is the age of the HEART!  Everyone is starting to become aware that there is more to them than just this physical body and it is now more acceptable to be open about spirituality.

And, now that spirituality is fast approaching the forefront, it is time to take the foolishness out of religion….the nonsense, etc. Ultimately, religion and science will marry and support each other, for truth is just that: truth.

Again, it’s time for us to start doing the work necessary to understand just who and what we truly are and just how powerful we can be.  So, look within, the answers will come.  For information on this topic and/or to discover the “medicine wheel” within you; please order your copy of SEEKING SOFTNESS today!

Softness is a Place of Understanding!
Seek out your true power!
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