It’s all in a name: 

Lord & Lillie is reflective of combining supreme strength, “Lord” coupled with the female name of the fragile lily flower, hence “Lillie”, symbolizing the true make-up of universal power and its current rise of female energy as it currently shifts itself back into proper balance; to usher in truth.  The Lily flower has been used throughout history by many greats, such as King Solomon, Leonardo da Vinci and Joan of Arc, just to name a few.  We invite to do your own study/research on the symbolic meaning of the lily flower; see where it takes you!

Lord & Lillie Publishing

Founded for the sole purpose of creating works that will motivate one to follow their own personal “inner-power”.  Currently, this is done by creating what we call “Easy Reads” which are quick paperback books filled with deep, spiritual  content.  We honor and respect the power of the written word.  It can introduce new ideas, pierce young minds and potentially influence thoughts.  This privilege comes with great responsibility.  Therefore, we pledge to only produce products that  inspire, uplift, empower and teach honorable principles. Our standard requires that each work be engaging, accurate, well stated, and worthy of its cost.  For those who share in our mission, and choose to join us in this journey, we appreciate your support.

If allowed into the hearts, minds and homes of others; what an awesome privilege – for that we truly THANK YOU!

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