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Lord & Lillie Publishing!

Lord & Lillie Publishing is pleased to present the following books:

The Graduate; Meets Life!   – Available NOW

Everyone should do what they love!  What better time to enforce this, than right as our young, budding  adults graduate from High School.  This book has 18 original poems with illustrations; brilliantly done, engaging, light-hearted & relevant.  Each with good advice for many life lessons.  The perfect gift for the  Graduate!               Price : $10.99


Seeking Softness – Available NOW

This Book will guide anyone to look inside and seek their own true internal power.  Softness is that  place inside of you – your  personal power.  Using  Native American, ancient Shamanistic teaching,  the  mystical, yet sacred “medicine wheel” is reintroduced.  Blending ancient wisdom with today’s  Western ways of thinking! Bringing personal power back.                   Price: $12.99  

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As the old era of  “going to school,  just to get a job”  comes to an end, this book will steer anyone to follow their heart and choose to do the very thing they were born to accomplish.  What better time to enforce the anthem “DO WHAT YOU LOVE” than right as the young folks graduate high school.  A great collection of original poems, all with illustrations and a positive  message for many life lessons, such as money management, discipline, relationships and more.   The perfect Gift for the Graduate! Order your copy today!

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Our own internal compass is “innate knowing” and given to each individual. The Native Americans coined it the ”Medicine Wheel”.  It is “the Precious”; a vital piece of the puzzle of enlightenment. Until we understand this very replica of the Universe, right within us; its existing energies and our connection to it, we will not (and cannot) move any further into complete truth. For centuries now, the Shamanistic ways were deemed too mysterious for the typical Westerner – this deep understanding was never truly  pursued.  For the most part, Americans completely ignore such information as they build, seemingly, successful lives. But, “things-are-a-changing”.  Now the masses want more of the spiritual. This book bridges two worlds; the seen/unseen; the “Americanized” reality linked to forever moving Spirit. Take a few baby steps into the deep!  The poet blend Shamanistic ways of perceiving to achieve necessary mind shifts within rational thinking.  So, what is real?  Understanding the medicine wheel and its sacred directions is the first step for true answers.  Learn to interpret each direction, and begin to travel this sacred spiral of the Universe.  You are powerful – Seek it out.

(258 pages/paperback)